Please submit headshots and resumes to submissions@harraway.com)
Every one involved in the project will recieve a name credit and meals on set

MYSPACE GIRL / Featured / 18-27
Dance skills a plus. Wardrobe: teeny bopper attire/ skantily clad/bikini/myspace clothes

TOM LOOKALIKE / Featured / White Male / 18-30
Character looks exactly like the entrepreneur in the upper right hand corner of this page. Dance skills a plus. Wardrobe: tshirt/ jeans
LATIN GANGSTER / Featured / Latin Male / 18-35
Dance skills a plus. Wardrobe: bandanas, baggy pants
BLACK GANGSTER THUG / Featured / Black Male / 18-30
Dance skills a plus. Wardrobe: hip hop, baggy pants, jewelry, hats, beanies

ASIAN GANGSTER  / Featured / Asian Male / 18-30
Dance skills a plus. Wardrobe: Asian gangster style; Asian mafia

ITALIAN MAFIA GANGSTER / Featured / Male / Caucasian / All Ages
Mafia style Italian gangster; Wardrobe: suit, hat, very classy
MOM / Featured / White Female / 30-80
Mean old mom of a young girl who cant seem to get enough of myspace. Wardrobe: old mom clothes, fake pearl jewels
Please submit headshots and resumes to submissions@harraway.com)
Every one involved in the project will recieve a name credit and meals on set.


Myspace Thug Music Video

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We will be shooting a music video for the song "Myspace Thug" on Wednesday March 19th in downtown Los Angeles. Please submit all headshots and resumes to submissions@harraway.com.
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Lyrics by Dusty Roze (aka Josh Harraway)
Vocals Dusty Roze & Ker'in Hayden
Music Tone Blair 


4 X

You'se a Myspace Thug
(Internet Gangsta)

All these snapshots with fake gats and big fake glocks
Toys and props you got from a cereal box
Takin' pics in fronta whips that don't belong to you
Talkin' shit like a snitch this song was writ for you
"I'm a rudeboy!" -- Nah, you'se a youtube dude
Facebook crook -- Mobb Deep said you was shook
"Dawg, I wear a bullet proof vest--my aim is the best"
But Paris Hilton rejects your friendship requests (cause...)


(Thanks for the add)

Stop thankin' me for addin' you-- It was a fuckin' accident!
"I'm a hustlin' sellin' ringtones inside my comments"
Your page is pimped pathetic dog--where should I begin?
How could you be in such a big gang with so few friends?
Why would a real gangsta pose in such colorful clothes
Then get on the internet with jpegs to upload?
"Man I even know Tom" Nah you live with ya mom
"I'm yo pusha! My legal weed is the bomb!" (cause...)




"Ahhhh! I'm full of gangsta rage!"
Bitch quit fuckin' wit' my wikipedia page!
Wikipedian vegetarian nickolodean cat
No I won't listen to ya new gangsta rap
No I won't comment your page or write you back
"I make it rain dawg! Check out my grill!"
But that's aluminum foil! That's fake dollar bills
"Chill, son--Wigga what--I'm just keepin' it real"


Are you a true thug really running the streets?
Or some nerdy cat lookin' for playstation game cheats
"Im neither one, son -- I'm bussin' my gun"
"I just escaped from jail now it's life on the run"
They used to pick on you, huh -- So you was like "fuck it"
Wanted to make 'em suck it -- Put some pics on photobucket
So now you thuggin' -- your favourite adjective is motherfuckin'
"I'm a fuckin youtube star! Gimme some lovin'"


"Kings Of Myspace"
The following classic youtube video (which has been viewed over 2 million times) can give you a general idea of the style we are going for: