Loan Chef Credits

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Loan Chef Jingle Written
and Conceived by                           Josh Harraway
Recorded at
Music by                                       Scott Orlans
Lyrics by                                       Josh Harraway
Lead Vocals                                   Josh Harraway
Secondary Vocals                           Chad Bishop
Additional Vocals                            Sheree Reed
Produced by                                   Josh Harraway
Executive Producer                          Henry Jan
Written by                                     Josh Harraway
Director                                         Josh Harraway
Director of photography                    Marc Levy
Assistant Camera                            Dave Duce
Lighting Design                               Dave Duce
Driver                                           Dave Duce
Location Scout                               Alicia Whitman
Production Assistant                        Cesar Gracian
Casting                                         Josh Harraway
                                                   Cesar Gracian
Editor                                            Bryan Krandle
Prop Design                                    Candice Bozarth



Loan Chef Josh Harraway
Bride Ina Bartosh
Groom Jim Chlopecki
Best Man Tim Patrick
Groomsman Alex Yves
Bridesmaid #1 Margaret Helmer
Bridesmaid #2 Andrea Anna Schwartz
Bridesmaid #3 Sarah Hall
Bridesmaid #4 Emily Anne
Bridesmaid #5 Janelle Herrera
Picnic Goer #1 Susie Alexander
Picnic Goer #2 Arpi Moradi
Picnic Goer #3 Alison Blehert Koehn
Picnic Goer #4 Cesar Gracian
Picnic Goer #5 Sharita Bates
Home Buyer #1 Alicia Whitman
Home Buyer #2 Jay Olanrewaju
Party Girl #1 Kali Hawk
Party Girl #2 Ladae Bond
Party Guy #1 James Greeley
Party Girl #3 Jessi Gregoire
Money Grabbing Girl #1 Holly Hindman
Money Grabbing Girl #2 Thela Brown
Money Grabbing Girl #3 Jill Maddrell